Armada Music Taps Fedde Le Grand For Mesmerizing Rework Of Static Revenger’s “Happy People”

    Armada Music celebrates a momentous 20-year milestone with a host of activity including forthcoming remix album due to drop later this year. Featured is a remarkable remix of “Happy People” courtesy of internationally renowned DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand. Throughout his illustrious career, Le Grand’s immense talent has been showcased through masterful reinterpretations of iconic artists such as Coldplay, Madonna, Shakira, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and more. Standing tall with a legacy that has shaped the dance music landscape, the exceptional rework serves as a heartfelt homage, paying tribute to Armada Music’s enduring legacy and Le Grand’s outstanding achievements throughout his distinguished career. Effortlessly elevating the original production to new heights, Happy People (Fedde Le Grand Remix) is out now via Armada Music.

    Originally released in 2016, the multifaceted talent of Static Revenger introduced the world to his iconic disco house anthem, “Happy People,” setting off a seismic wave that reverberated throughout the dance music sphere. This timeless production quickly became the subject of remixes, drawing the attention of an esteemed lineup of over a dozen renowned artists, including Chocolate Puma, Sunset Child,  Rrotik, and more. Now, Fedde Le Grand joins this distinguished roster, bringing his exceptional touch to the table and presenting a transformative rendition that revitalizes the very essence of the track. Infusing the composition with a fresh array of sonic elements, Le Grand’s creative vision soars, deftly intertwining nostalgic pop-dance nuances, evocative textured instrumental samples, and pulsating percussive elements. Each intricately woven facet of this masterpiece emerges as a brushstroke on a captivating canvas, yielding a breathtaking work of art that holds profound significance for both the original song and the esteemed Armada Music. Through this remix, the boundaries of the original track are transcended, transporting listeners to a realm of pure ecstasy.


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