Kasztan Releases First Single ‘Water Soldier’ Ahead Of ‘Air Mass’ EP 

    Kasztan stands as one of electronic music’s most impressive and forward-thinking newcomers, presenting an effortlessly cool sound palate that champions an impeccable blend of post-rock and underground sensibilities. Launching his debut record label – Stemina Recordings – in 2022, the French native announces his forthcoming ‘Air Mass’ EP with the release of one of its lead singles, ‘Water Soldier’.

    Set for release on September 22, Kasztan’s forthcoming ‘Air Mass’ EP is a masterclass in genre crosspollination and serves as another refined example of his unrelenting artistry and technical studio knowledge. Marking his first original extended player for his own Stemina Recordings, the offering follows singles ‘Working Together’ and ‘Mzella’, as well as collaborative releases with Felower and HAELIUM.  

    Undoubtedly one of the stand-out cuts on the EP, ‘Water Soldier’ is a genre-bending fusion of bass, garage and experimental electronica, wrapped in a warming pop format. Welcoming esteemed vocalist Dahlie, Kasztan’s latest sonic gem nods to influences of neo-soul, providing an emotive edge to this simultaneously accessible and thought-provoking production.

    “I had just declared that my EP was completed and I began fiddling in Ableton with a modular glitch sound. It immediately inspired me to create a track that would be less grandiose and more urban than what I typically make. I was then introduced to neo-soul singer Dahlie through my manager, who co-runs Stemina Recordings with me. The song was wrapped in less than a week, and it was an amazing match, so much so that it became one of the EP’s main tracks.” – Kasztan
    “Water Soldier is the image of the warrior in all of us. The one who wipes away tears after hardship and manages to grow flowers on fields of ruins. It’s the person who accepts the process of ageing, death, transformation and the movement of life.” – Dahlie

    Over the last couple of years, Pierre-Marie found himself back in France from LA and exploring a more techno-oriented production profile in Kasztan, where he champions distinct cinematic qualities whilst staying true to his post-rock roots. Under this progressive new moniker, Kasztan delivered his debut EP “Rare Earth Elements” to high acclaim back in September 2021, directly followed by his 2022-released “Celeste” and “Unbleach” EPs. Establishing this new musical direction within the industry and expanding his sonic horizons, the French native launched his own label Stemina Recordings shortly after, fostering collaborations with like-minded artists and providing them with a distinctly progressive platform through which to share their musical endeavours.

    While Kasztan’s background as a self-taught post-rock guitar player and his time as a stage musician for the band M83 influenced his approach to electronic music production, he has carved out a distinctive sound that defies categorization. Rather than adhering to the stereotypical French electronic music style, Kasztan’s music draws closer to acts like Overmono, Rival Consoles, Moderat, and the UK garage scene, whilst remaining wholly authentic.

    Kasztan – Water Soldier is out now via Stemina Recordings

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