We live in times where inflated egos seem to be front and centre of everything – which makes the mission statement and purpose of artist collective Es Medias all the sweeter.

    Founded by DJ/producer Able Grey – real name Peter Ceko – Ex Medias aims to “foster community based on supporting one another, inspiring successful actions, and helping maintain the tried and true path each member is destined to be on with their career path. The collective radiates passion and integrity, each name fashioning a corner of a fascinating lexicon of talent with no preconceptions or false flexes staged.

    “This is the second compilation release from EX MEDIAS,” he says. ” Mimicking our first compilation, we have again curated a diverse selection of genres and artists. While we are a Chicago-based collective we do not limit our artists to any one part of the world.  (can insert anything from the first blurb from January about Vol I)”

    Releasing ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL II’ back at the tail end of July, the label’s push to highlight extreme areas of talent is absolutely apparent on the five-tracker. The lush opening sensation of Galena Crew’s ‘Marilyn’, featuring Finn on vocals, is completely upended by dystopian stunner ‘Shanghai Dreams’ from Blank Ages, the two tracks poles apart but equally brimming with raw talent.

    #BBC bring the tempo back down with soulful trap cut ‘So Long’, which feels practically lethargic after Blank Ages’ explosive entrée, before the dark trippiness of Aireloosh’s ‘Gaze’ takes us down another sonic rabbit hole. Metal and sawgaze production gifts the single a thoroughly unsettled edge that’s amped up by the used of minor melodies and a definite sense of foreboding. The end drop into breakbeat is just pure genius on a studio stick, stunning stuff. If you were sitting comfortably before, you’ll probably be looking over your shoulder by the finish. Closing out the EP in suitable style is TURBO, who drops ‘Breathing Danger’ like a ten-tonne hammer designed to destroy any sound system it comes across.

    Whoever is in charge of A&R at Ex Medias deserves a medal because this is an exhilarating ride through some incredibly exciting talent. Add in an ethical compass and this is a release that the dance fans should be championing and sharing widely.

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