If, following last month’s ‘Horizons [Part.1]’ release, you thought that Giuseppe Ottaviani was about to put his feet up for the summer… well think again! With the ‘Horizons’ cause barely on pause for a minute, the Italian maestro picks right back up with another piece of music, unmistakable in its distinction.

    After Natalie Shay, Giuseppe has connected with another vocalist/lyricist infinitely better known outside of electronic music circles. Having previously collaborated with the likes of Suede’s Bernard Butler, UK Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, Alison Moyet and actress Florence Pugh, Richard Walters brings his incredible voice & thoughts to ‘Keep You Safe’

    While Giuseppe’s ‘Horizons [Pt2]’ material continues to have less of a dancefloor emphasis, lean in and there’s no mistaking ‘Keep You Safe’s warping bassy throb and the thump of its kicks. That pulsing energy though is buried Mariana-deep in the track’s bottom end, whilst up top several sub-melodies are drawn fluently together to sonically mirror Richard’s innermost. 

    That, in itself, is no small feat as Richard’s delivery rarely stays in one emotional space for longer than a few words. Brilliantly portraying a relationship hanging by a thread, its overarching ‘keep hope alive’ sentiment is etched into every rise and fall of his voice.

    A moment for all those who like their music to penetrate deeper and mean more, Horizons [Part 2] begins here with Giuseppe & Richard’s astonishing ‘Keep You Safe’. Find it here.


    01: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Richard Walters – Keep You Safe (Extended Mix)
    02: Giuseppe Ottaviani & Richard Walters – Keep You Safe (Original Mix)

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