Hardwell, Azteck, and Alex Hepburn Unite in Powerful Collaboration: ‘ANYBODY OUT THERE’

    Hardwell, the renowned Dutch dance music producer, has joined forces with rising producer Azteck and talented UK singer/songwriter Alex Hepburn to release their latest single, “ANYBODY OUT THERE.” This exciting collaboration explores the hard-hitting and techier side of dance music, combining snappy kicks and up-tempo bass with infectious hooks. Alex Hepburn’s powerful vocals take center stage, while the impressive production skills of Hardwell and Azteck create a track that is sure to become a crowd favorite, leaving a trail of euphoria in its wake.

    Hardwell, known for his energetic and diverse sound, has been pushing boundaries with his recent releases. His critically acclaimed 2022 LP, “REBELS NEVER DIE,” has garnered millions of streams, and he has been delivering a steady stream of original music and exclusive remixes, including reworks of popular tracks such as Calvin Harris x Ellie Goulding’s “Miracle” and Benny Benassi vs David Guetta’s 2023 version of “Satisfaction.” “ANYBODY OUT THERE” is a notable addition to Hardwell’s 2023 release schedule, showcasing his ability to craft spectacular collaborations.


    Hardwell speaks about his passion for vocal-based electronic music, stating, “Every genre, from house music and trance to electro and techno, has given the dancefloor magical moments through big vocal tracks. That feeling a big vocal song has on a festival crowd is hard to describe, but when that moment comes, it’s intoxicating.” With “ANYBODY OUT THERE,” Hardwell aims to bring that magical moment to his audience once again.

    The collaboration with Azteck was a natural choice for Hardwell, as they have previously worked together on music. Hardwell praises Azteck’s production skills and his talent for creating catchy toplines. Together, they knew that a vocal collaboration would be a powerful release for the summer. Alex Hepburn’s unique and raspy voice was the perfect fit for the distorted topline on “ANYBODY OUT THERE,” ensuring the track hits the mark.

    For months, Hardwell has been discussing his desire to merge his new sound with the vocal-driven anthems he is known for. It was a matter of finding the right balance between a great EDM song and a great techno song that works seamlessly in a Hardwell set. The collaboration with Azteck and Alex Hepburn on “ANYBODY OUT THERE” exemplifies the trio’s artistic prowess, creating a big sound that is destined for even bigger stages.

    Fans of Hardwell and dance music enthusiasts can look forward to the release of “ANYBODY OUT THERE,” a captivating track that brings together the talents of Hardwell, Azteck, and Alex Hepburn. As the trio showcases their skills and creativity, they continue to push the boundaries of electronic music, creating an exhilarating experience for listeners and cementing their positions as leading figures in the industry.

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