Jake Silva Drops Explosive Dancefloor Anthem “Lonely”

    In the vast universe of electronic dance music, the spotlight often shines on those tracks that elicit profound emotions while making feet tap and hearts race. Enter Jake Silva’s latest offering, “Lonely”, a sensational collaboration with Johan Oslah and Frankie Sims, out now via Protocol Records. This track serves as a testament to Silva’s impressive rise within the industry and his unerring ability to craft tunes that echo in the listeners’ souls.

    From the bustling streets of New York City, Jake Silva’s prowess as a DJ and producer is making waves, and “Lonely” is no exception. Far from creating a sense of isolation, the track envelops its audience in a rich tapestry of sound and sentiment. The rhythmic undercurrent, paired with a contagiously catchy hook, invites listeners to immerse themselves in a story of longing and heartbreak. Layered with nostalgic synths that surge in waves of euphoria, and a tantalizing new synth twist post-drop, it’s a journey through the spectrum of human emotion – and a promise of musical catharsis.

    Jake Silva, beyond just a musician, is an experience. Having left a mark on stages like Governors Ball and Lavo, and having shared them with dance music titans like R3hab and Nicky Romero, Silva’s trajectory is undeniably upwards. His recent tracks “Push Me Away” and “You Shine” set the stage, and “Lonely” seems set to join them in elevating Silva’s presence in the electronic scene.

    This summer promises even bigger things for Jake Silva. As festival stages beckon and new tracks loom on the horizon, “Lonely” stands as a testament to what Jake Silva can do – and a tantalizing hint of what’s yet to come. Keep those ears tuned in; Jake Silva is the name, and he’s here to redefine the electronic soundscape.


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