Whales Joins Forces With Fytch For Third And Final Single Off Forthcoming Album

    As the anticipation builds for the release of his sophomore album, Two Worlds Apart, the bass maestro, Whales, has gifted fans with another tantalizing glimpse into his new work. His latest single, “Beyond,” produced in tandem with the prodigious Fytch, offers a vivid auditory journey filled with profound emotions and musical intricacy.

    “Beyond” marks a departure from the sonic palette of the album’s first two tracks, introducing us to an environment that is both deeply contemplative and vibrantly exhilarating. Fytch’s soulful vocals seamlessly weave through the song, offering poignant lyrics that echo with sentiments of self-discovery and a search for belonging. The song’s captivating blend of shimmering synths and powerful basslines is emblematic of Whales’ signature style—a style that invites introspection while demanding movement from its listeners.

    The release of this single, the third from Two Worlds Apart, amplifies the excitement for the forthcoming LP. But Whales is not just making waves in the studio. Earlier this month, he took the main stage at Bass Canyon, and with upcoming performances scheduled for major festivals like Lost Lands and Rampage Amsterdam, Whales is set to dominate both the airwaves and live stages.

    “Beyond” serves as a reminder of Whales’ unmatched ability to meld emotion with rhythm, and if this track is any indication, Two Worlds Apart promises to be a transformative sonic experience for all its listeners.


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