Amp Live’s Sonic Tapestry: ‘Let’s Start The Show’ EP Drops on Subcarbon Records

    California’s electronic maestro, Amp Live, renowned for his production prowess, has just unveiled his latest project: the 6-track EP ‘Let’s Start The Show’. Released under Subcarbon Records, the collection promises an exhilarating journey across musical landscapes, intertwining reggae’s laid-back vibes, hip-hop’s rhythmic dynamism, and the immersive depth of bass music.

    Opening with “Mic Test 212”, featuring Johanna Phraze, the EP wastes no time in setting the mood. With its infectious bass and undulating rhythms, it’s the kind of track that beckons listeners to get lost in the music. But it’s “Keep It Alive” where Amp Live’s genius truly shines. Collaborating with Chali2na from the legendary Jurassic 5, the track resonates with vibrant hi-hats and a bassline that’s impossible not to groove to.

    Yet, it’s not just about energy and dance-floor readiness. “Protecta” featuring Dizzle Baby offers a mellower vibe, allowing listeners to drift into the track’s hypnotic embrace. Meanwhile, “Underground” sees Amp Live join forces with Dirt Monkey and YBGhosty in a celebration of individual artistry, resulting in a track that’s both a testament to their distinctive sounds and a testament to their collective brilliance.

    One can’t discuss this EP without mentioning its titular track, “Start The Show”. Featuring LOUSTAR, it captures the spirit of the EP with its heart-pounding drum n bass rhythms, reminding listeners of Amp Live’s unparalleled expertise. And as the EP winds down, “Tide” provides the perfect outro: a track teeming with ethereal energy, it ensures listeners remain captivated until the very last note.

    “The Let’s Start The Show EP channels the raw energy of boom bap hip hop while infusing hard hitting wobbling basslines and soulful melodies.   Each track transports you to a sonic intersection of 90s golden era hip hop and future forward bass music.”

    Amp Live

    Amp Live’s ‘Let’s Start The Show’ isn’t just an EP; it’s a statement. Each track underlines his skill in breaking genre confines, merging electronic, reggae, and hip-hop elements into a symphony of sound. And this is precisely why he remains a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

    From the concert stages of Lollapalooza to the intimate sessions at Enchanted Forest, Amp Live’s fusion of hip hop, bass music, and reggae has constantly set him apart. While he’s known for co-founding Zion I and partnering with musical giants like Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany, his solo projects exude a charm of their own. Having worked with artists as diverse as Saweetie and MGMT, Amp Live continues to surprise, innovate, and above all, enthrall. Soft-spoken off the stage, but a sonic trailblazer on it, Amp Live is a testament to the adage: let the music do the talking.


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