Martial Simon Unveils Debut Solo Original “Lost”

    Emerging producer and multi-talented music industry entrepreneur Martial Simon is back with new music. After experiencing significant success and fanfare around his previous reworks and bootlegs, the NY-based artist is proud to present “Lost,” his first solo original release out now via his very own GET SET Records.

    “Love isn’t always lost. An original record dedicated to those who have been in and out of relationships. The record has an uplifting piano, catchy melody and powerful lyrics to reflect that everything is going to be okay. Nothing is going to change your love even if it doesn’t work out.” – Martial Simon

    Confidently sticking to a style he fondly refers to as “sweet, deep, pop,” Simon is a jack of all trades. As a producer, label head, and head of a booking agency, the man has committed his life to music. On the creative side, he’s shown a knack for blending and bridging the old and new gap, using samples and making interpolations of older hits produced with an electronic punch. “Lost” fits the bill perfectly as an homage to the legendary Madonna, fused with a modernized, electronic twist. Check it out below:

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