Mt. Sierra Drops First Release Of The Year With House Single ‘6AM In Vegas’

    Mt. Sierra knows how to tackle strong house music with style and grace. “6AM In Vegas,” is representative of this aspect, allowing this guy talents to shine through in a fun-feeling manner. Everything including quirky-club vocal samples to a technical design and more all come together to complete a rich house experience easy to enjoy multiple times over. Mt. Sierra clearly has had experience beyond just this new project and isn’t afraid to show it off. “6AM In Vegas,” follows the pathology of previously released tracks like “When It Rains,” and “Stop Yourself,” all of which have connective fabric that are building up what is his signature sound. “6AM In Vegas,” is a strong extension of a unique project.

    Mt. Sierra is West Coast based and has built up his  talents through mentorships from others, schooling from institutions such as Icon Collective, time spent in the studio, and so on. It’s all helped him come to this moment in time today where’s he’s able to share something promising, viable, and visionary. Mt. Sierra is showing no sign of slowing down, there being more where “6AM In Vegas,” came from.


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