Sevenn Brings Hybrid Techno Flavor with “Champagne & Pizza”

    As we’re hunting for new summer tunage, Sevenn is proving to be one of our favorites in the game. Coining his style as Hybrid Techno, Sevenn masterfully blends darker elements of house and techno in style. Shortly after the release of “Deep Inside,” Sevenn continues to stun with new single “Champagne & Pizza,” out now on Mentalo.

    This one pulls you in tight with velvety vocals and bewitching atmospheres from the jump, and continues to carry the torch until its finish. Sensual, electrifying, and addictive, “Champagne & Pizza” puts the pep in our step with every passing second. Listen to “Champagne & Pizza” on your favorite platform and read on for what Sevenn has to say about this new cut!

    “‘Champagne & Pizza’ is about finding your inner darkness and facing it. Not everything that happens in life is light, and so this song is about a dark place but kind of a mischievous one. I came up with the idea for the lead by putting a bunch of arpeggiators together and the computer basically spoke this melody to me in real time. And that’s what you’re hearing. It’s kind of a collab between me and the computer, like my cyborg kid.”


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