SEXPAYS Debuts With A Groovy House Banger


    Brand new artist SEXPAYS has introduced themselves to the world with the buoyant and bright track ‘Love’, sure to peak the listeners’ interest. Releasing from an unknown name has not reduced the confidence of this eccentric artist, opening his discography with a genre-bending track accompanied with trippy and explicit visuals.
    ‘Love’ begins with a highly compressed, lofi-like instrumental alongside an immediately infectious half-beat vocal sample which becomes increasingly prominent as the track smoothly develops into a cleanly mixed nu-disco house cut. This hypnotic house groove remains prevalent throughout most of this sanguine song, bolstered with punching club-house style synths, a snappy kick as well as harmonised vocals.
    Whilst SEXPAYS is a new alias to most listeners, he has been at the heart of the underground music scene in New York for years by bringing his edgy and energetic sets to illicit raves. ‘Love’ is just the start of a SEXPLAYS movement that plans to bring the unrestrained and salacious elements of these parties to the mainstream listener.


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