Spag Heddy Returns with a Spicy Bootleg Remix of Lil Jon’s “Fuccboi”

    Dubstep producer and DJ Spag Heddy just unveiled his exciting bootleg of Lil Jon‘s high-octane cut, “Fuccboi,” and it’s everything we needed and more. Previously securing the number one spot on Dubstep’s Top 50 tracks for a week-long stretch with his “Gettin That” bootleg, the international star is back with this bloodthirsty flip that’s bound to snap necks and break spines on impact.

    Bootleg culture, which in specific situations are followed with a negative connotation, has in fact been adapted in the electronic scene by many as a catalyst for scene cultivation and artistry presentation. Spag Heddy’s new remix face great optimism as his unique sound design and production showcases a dynamic and respectful perspective to Lil Jon’s original record. Continually building his impressive discography, there is no doubt that “Fuccboi” will become yet another fan favorite. Download or stream “Fuccboi” and check it out below!

    “Lil Jon always brings that energy that makes you so rowdy and wanna party super hard, so naturally I felt like going full nutty in this bootleg, and succeeded. The bootleg came together really quick – Lil Jon’s vocals and the original basses just asked for some simple but huge dubstep anthem. When Bailo sent over the stems for this one it felt like being a kid and your friend giving you his best shiniest toys that you’ve been enviously staring at, to play with for as long as you want. I have definitely wrecked some toys though, I’m afraid. 

    The original goes so damn hard, that it definitely felt like a challenge to equal that same energy but in my own style. Needless to say I brought in some of my wackiest and most obnoxious basses, put them in a bunch of easy and wonky patterns, and voila there was a terrible wall of noise that people like to mosh to. This bootleg is kind of really dumb as in how simple and textbook 2020 dubstep it is, but at the same time it’s totally fine because it has super distinctive Spag basses and sound design, so kind of the same recipe as the original in a way.”

    – Spag Heddy

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