Sylvan Paul Is Bringing The Vibes “Back To You”

    Sylvan Paul is making a statement with his new release “Back To You” as he signs with Wolf + Lamb Records. “Back To You,” represents a collision of genres: blues, alternative, and a splash of latin flavor fuel the soul of “Back To You.” Eclectic, to say the least, Paul follows no stylistic blueprint. “Back To You” is a well-crafted track that accentuates Paul’s originality. Lyrically, temptation is the theme throughout, progressing gradually into inevitable demise. Overall, the tasteful blend of live and electronic elements make for good listening.

    Boasting songs on his streaming platforms going back to 2020, Sylvan Paul has accomplished much in a short period of time. From the support of press outlets like Dancing Astronaut to the accumulation of over 250,000+ streams across about a dozen singles, all signs are pointing to there being a demand for the style this solo multi-instrumentalist musician is making.

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