Thomas Xavier Starts His Own Label ‘Pharaoh Phonix’, Debuts First Release ‘Funky Skunk’



    With the momentum of a successful 2021 behind him, Thomas Xavier begins the year with a breathtaking banger. In the debut release under his brand-new label ‘Pharaoh Phonix’, the prospering producer inserts an original interpretation on 90s dubstep, oozing with the classic groove and nostalgia from top to bottom while modernising the structure and choice of instruments.  
    Xavier kicks off with nostalgic chiptune synths, claterring high-hats and sharp snares, immediately setting a funky flow that continues throughout the track. Introducing a Long Pitched 808 alongside infectious female vocals creates an interesting contrast between rumbling sub-bass and high-pitched notes which build anticipation for the manic climax; distorted dubstep drums in a sparse, syncopated rhythm with the underlying sound of sirens singing. 
    In the space of a small career which was officially launched only last May, Xavier has seen nothing but success come his way. From already approaching a million overall streams, playing a plethora of established shows and demonstrating a determined workrate, the exciting artist has a hopeful future. ‘Funky Skunk’ will only increase the emerging buzz that is beginning to surround him.


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