Zoska Unveils Jazz-Infused Brilliance on Subcarbon Records with New EP, ‘Zest’

    In the pulsating realm of bass music, certain artists carve a niche so unique that it’s impossible not to take note. Zoska is undeniably one such artist. Her latest creation, “zest”, a 4-track EP released via Subcarbon Records, is a tantalizing journey that fuses the profound depth of bass with sophisticated jazz elements, producing an electronic tapestry that stands in a league of its own.

    From the get-go, “zest” tantalizes the auditory senses. The opening track, “keep up”, immerses listeners in a world where jazz and bass unite harmoniously. With the smooth resonance of a soulful piano, the emotive stirrings of a saxophone, and the lure of entrancing vocals, the track ascends to atmospheric highs, making it a treat for anyone with a penchant for bass. But the allure of “zest” doesn’t stop there. Every track weaves a narrative, where different musical components dance together to create an experience brimming with emotion and depth.

    Diving deeper into the EP, “funk flavor” champions its jazz roots while underpinning the bass foundations that Zoska is renowned for. This is followed by “i got you”, a track that pulsates with energy and carries listeners on an immersive journey, transforming the listening experience into a vibrant sonic adventure. Culminating the EP is “iDnB”, a nod to the drum and bass enthusiasts. With its unpredictable rhythms and fiery tempos, it serves as the perfect finale to this musical odyssey.

    To put it succinctly, Zoska is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music world. Her new EP “zest”, while showcasing her distinctive style, also hints at the limitless musical horizons she’s yet to explore. For those who haven’t yet indulged in the captivating world of Zoska, “zest” is the perfect introduction. And for longtime fans, it’s a reminder of the rhythmic treasures she consistently delivers.


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