Catching Up With JONN: A Dance Music Sensation

    Meet JONN, the Canadian DJ and music producer who’s been making waves with his fresh mix of electronic, house, and dance tunes. Inspired by the lively EDM beats of his homeland, he started young and has since made a name for himself with electric live shows and unique tracks. From club stages to Spotify playlists, JONN’s music is everywhere, capturing hearts with its range and rhythm. Today, we’re chatting with him to get the inside scoop on his journey, his music, and what’s next. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering JONN, stick around for some fun insights!

    Hey JONN! Thanks for chatting with us today! Your journey in the electronic music industry is truly inspiring. What motivated you to start this journey, and what has kept you going?

    What motivated me to start this journey was my deep passion for music and the inspiring diversity of sounds in the EDM music scene. The idea of creating my own unique blend of electronic, house, and dance music was incredibly exciting. What has kept me going is the unwavering support of my fans and the sheer joy I find in making music. The constant evolution of the industry and the opportunity to experiment with new sounds and styles also fuel my motivation.

    You’ve performed at numerous clubs with a dynamic stage presence. Can you describe one of your most memorable performances and why it stands out to you?

    One of my most memorable performances was at a Music festival we organize in Montreal Canada. The energy in the crowd that night was electric, and I felt a strong connection with the audience. The moment that stands out to me the most was when I dropped a track that I had produced myself, and the crowd’s reaction was absolutely euphoric. It was a surreal feeling to see people connect so deeply with my music.

    Your tracks range from uplifting to intense. How do you decide which direction to take when producing a new track?

    When producing a new track, I let my emotions and creative instincts guide me. Sometimes, I’m inspired by a particular mood or feeling, and that dictates the direction of the track. Other times, it’s experimentation with different sounds and melodies that leads me in a new direction. Ultimately, I want each track to evoke a unique emotional response in the listener.

    With platforms like Spotify showcasing your work, what role do you believe streaming services play in shaping the careers of artists like you?

    Streaming services like Spotify have played a crucial role in shaping my career. They provide a platform for my music to reach a global audience, allowing me to connect with fans from all over the world. The accessibility and ease of sharing music through these platforms have democratized the music industry, giving independent artists like me a chance to thrive.

    Your music often defies genre norms. Can you share a little about your process of experimentation and how you push the boundaries of traditional dance music?

    Experimentation is at the heart of my creative process. I believe in breaking free from genre constraints and pushing the boundaries of traditional dance music. I’m constantly exploring new sounds, blending genres, and seeking out unconventional instruments and samples to create something fresh and exciting. It’s this willingness to take risks that keeps my music evolving and surprising both me and my fans

    You emphasize a deep passion for music. Are there any artists or specific tracks that were instrumental in igniting this passion?

    My passion for music was ignited by several artists and tracks that left a profound impact on me. Some of my early influences include David Guetta, Meduza, Tiesto & Loud Luxury whose innovative soundscapes and emotive melodies deeply resonated with me. Their music inspired me to embark on this journey and has continued to influence my own creations.


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