Chatting with NOHC: The Dynamic Duo Making Waves

    Get ready to dive into the world of NOHC, the brilliant EDM pair that’s been lighting up stages across America. Comprising the soulful vocalist Suzanne Real and the savvy producer Chris V, NOHC has dazzled fans with their unique sound and infectious energy. Some of their accolades include a spot on the A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 and a top placement on Monstercat’s Best of the Year list. Most recently, the duo released their collaboration “Don’t Let Me Go” with Blackbox Records label head JONN. Today, we’re sitting down with the duo to get the lowdown on their journey, their inspirations, and what’s in store for their fans. Whether you’ve streamed their hits a million times or are just tuning in, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

    Thanks for chatting with us today NOHC! You’ve achieved significant success as an EDM duo. How did the collaboration between vocalist Suzanne Real and producer Chris V come about?

    We were both artists in different projects when we met, Suzanne playing more blues rock while Chris was focused on post-hardcore, but the passion for music was what drove us. When those projects ended, we didn’t want to stop creating so we came together to form NOHC, bringing our influences while crafting something new.

    With performances all across America, what has been the most challenging and rewarding aspect of touring for you both?

    Touring at the lower levels can always be interesting, whether it be the cost of arriving, or the uncertainties of the crowd each night. We arrive on the stage set to win an audience that may not have heard of us yet, but we strive to deliver an experience that is unforgettable. 

    Congratulations on securing a spot on the A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 and Monstercat’s Best of the Year list. Can you take us behind the scenes of creating tracks like “This Way” and “Awaken”?

    Thank you! Two of our favorite releases! Both are unique because from our input to the singles, they gave both of us a chance to showcase our writing. Suzanne wrote the toppling to ‘Awaken,’ and her incredible range and sense of melody fit so well with Au5’s production and writing style. ‘This Way’ was written by Chris, and is sort of a pop song disguised as a trance track, but allowed him to put his own writing style on display and obviously Suzanne, as well as MaRLo, MatricK, and Sendr were incredible at bringing it all to life!

    Over the years, you’ve developed a unique sound that’s resonated with millions of fans. How do you keep your music fresh and innovative, especially in the ever-evolving EDM scene?

    It’s a combination of continuing to discover new artists, music, and stay attached to the dance music scene, while also having passion and influences from well outside the genre. Great songs and artists transcend genres and audiences and we hope to showcase that through our works.

    Lastly, regarding your new single with JONN, “Don’t Let Me Go”, what inspired this collaboration and what message or feeling are you hoping to convey to listeners with this track?

    We absolutely love this track. Both the music and the message are so powerful. JONN did a brilliant job on the production and we are so happy to have it out in the world finally! As for the message, it’s a love song, but one that speaks of the desperation of the emotion and the pain and reality of what must be endured through love somedays.


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