Feint & R7CKY Take to Monstercat for New Single “Lost & Found” Featuring Skyelle

    Last summer, drum and bass producer Feint released “Fading Wind,” a light-hearted tune fueled by yearning lyrics. Now, Feint joins forces with Chinese artist R7CKY and singer-songwriter Skyelle for their new compelling single “Lost & Found.”

    Bridging the cultural gap between the East and West, Feint’s joint effort with R7CKY is an amalgamation of both artists’ distinct styles. “Lost & Found” surrounds orchestral chords with liquified trills, all while Skyelle’s uplifting cadence carries the tune through billowing soundscapes. Utilizing soul-stirring build-ups and jubilant breakdowns, “Lost & Found” reminds listeners to keep pushing to find and nurture their best selves, no matter how lost one may feel.

    Listen to “Lost & Found” below:

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