GhostDragon’s Debut Album “Could’ve Been Us” is an Indie Dance Delight

    Fresh off of his 2021 EP Strangers Again, GhostDragon returns with his first-ever, feature-length album Could’ve Been Us. Brushed with strokes of warm hues, the 9-track LP is a calming musical oasis of longing and love. Indie-electronic soundscapes lay the foundation for themes of romance and loss to unfold through graceful synths, poignant vocal deliveries, and immersive sound-design. Could’ve Been Us balances whimsical soundscapes with the invigorating pulse of future-bass and synth-forward dance music while penning insightful lyrics to match. Each track moves seamlessly into the next while creating a blissful dichotomy from its predecessor.

    A testament to his magnetism GhostDragon’s latest is worth the replay. Speaking on the album, GhostDragon says “This album is for the people that always think about the outcome if they did something different and wondering if it ‘could’ve been us.’ Been working on this album for almost over a year now and I’m super proud of what it turned into. Hope everyone can resonate with the story of this album.

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