Rising star H3NRY THR!LL continues his impressive run of hard-hitting and grippingly creative releases with his new bass house single, Ruin. Mixing the LA-based producer’s heavy signature style with infectious pop vocals from Ella Beyer, the pair create a track which is both catchy and consistently captivating.

    A reverberating organ immediately sets the sombre tone for the track, which is soon layered with pedalling hi-hats, a distorted cymbal and futuristic percussion. H3NRY carefully builds the intensity with a clock-like castanet sound and a drawn-out horn, generating a dystopian atmosphere which leads to a rumbling 808 and an array of dramatic synths and samples. Matching perfectly with the calamitous tone of the instrumental are the emotive lyrics from Ella Beyer, whose soulful vocal manages to perfectly capture the pain and ruin as a relationship falls apart.

    H3nry sees this track as an improved version of his distinctive style, he said: “This new track is bringing back that underground, dirty electro house sound. Paired with melodic vocals from Ella Beyer, the Thr!ll club sound is back!”

    H3NRY made an impressive start to 2022 by releasing a remix and two major singles including Emotionless, which has already become a fan favourite and amassed over 40k streams on Spotify alone. With each release the young producer’s immense talent becomes harder to ignore and his recognition continues to grow. H3NRY consistently impresses industry giants such as Don Diablo, Block FM, Nexus Radio, Lost Frequencies, Radio Nova, Kiss FM, Big city Beats, Zondering, Anna Lunoe, Fresh FM and Oliver Heldens. Ruin is due to be another significant stepping stone in the compelling career of H3NRY THR!LL.

    You can find H3NRY on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter

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