Japan’s Yamato drops stunning ‘Essentials EP’ as the world opens up before him

    Swinging in for the summer months with his hands-in-the-air, four-track ‘Essentials EP’ comes Japanese DJ/producer Yamoto, out now on Japan’s mighty Avex imprint.

    Already known for his development of the Pioneer CDJ series, Yamato’s multi-camera video DJ sets, set in stunning locations, pulled in an overall audience of 30 million views on YouTube during lockdown. Now back out in the open and raring to go, his Essentials EP is the perfect way to ease his fanbase back into the promise of live music and jaw-dropping shows.

    Featuring vocal toplines from Mike Macdermid and Poe Loes, ‘Essentials EP’ manages to straddle the worlds of uplifting Big Room and down and dirty Electro House. Titular track ‘Essential’, with Mike Macdermid on vocals, builds beautifully from a sumptuous opening through to a massive, stadium-worthy drop, piano and melodic FX whirling in the background. In contrast, ‘Reflections’ with Poe Loes throws the listener deep into a hard-hitting, dark, unrelenting body of music that ricochets from speaker to speaker. ‘YOU’ is as dark as ‘Reflections’ but far more stripped back, rivulets of bouncing bass put through the vocoder, the rhythms twitching and glitching for an overall post-synth wave vibe that wouldn’t be at all out of place in any Japanese anime cut worth its salt. Mike Macdermid returning to Yamato’s final single ‘Neon Lights’, the EP wraps up by combining both the lighter elements of its origins and the darker vibes of its core. Slower and more reflective, Yamato brings up guitars to give the production a tinge of rock next to the softer electro sounds.

    The first Japanese DJ to perform with Avicii in Budapest, Hungary, and having played countless major events around the world, including Ultra Japan, Ultra Singapore, EDM Japan, Summer Sonic, Zouk Out and Waterzonic, Yamato is now poised to re-enter the dance world at large riding a surefire wave of success on the back of his Essentials EP.

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