Martial Simon kicks off 2022 with electro-house banger ‘Send Me On My Way’


    After a brilliant break-out year Martial Simon has started a new one with an epic and emotive Electro-House banger, ‘Send Me On My Way’. With the assistance of brilliant vocalist Mike Burn, the New-York based producer is able to create a dynamic dance anthem that could be belted out by festival goers or enjoyed privately as an emotional ballad.
    Breathy low-end synths smoothly start the track alongside a tri-tone piano progression made from melancholic minor chords. This low-key instrumental is accompanied by silky singing and chant-like ad-libs which instantly constructs contagious catchiness. Simon then introduces a pulsing kick, consistent clap and chiptune synths which slowly build towards the amazing apotheoses consisting of melodic strings, hollow kicks and rumbling bass to create.  
    Although the talented producer is only a year into releasing his own music, he has already achieved some phenomenal feats such as amassing over 6.5 million TikTok views, 60k monthly listeners on Spotify and reaching the top 30 on the Electro Dance Chart. ‘Send Me On My Way’ will undoubtedly contribute to Martial Simon’s continuing success. 
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