Mia Moretti Joins Forces With Totó la Momposina For New Single “Tambor”

    In a world where music genres often intertwine and evolve, a fresh breeze of authenticity has emerged in the form of Mia Moretti’s latest track, “Tambor”. This track heralds the upcoming release of her EP, also titled “TAMBOR”, and serves as a bridge between modern dance beats and the soulful ancestral sounds of Afro-Colombia.

    When you play “Tambor”, you’re instantly graced with the powerful voice of the legendary Totó la Momposina before the rhythm even begins. Moretti masterfully pairs this with a swell of percussion, an assertive bass line, and the haunting call of a trumpet, crafting a moody ambiance that commands the dance floor.

    But there’s more to this track than just a merging of beats. Moretti eloquently captures the essence of ancestral Afro-Colombian music, drawing parallels with the community-driven anthems of today. As she puts it, “Their songs are matriarchal anthems that drive communities. The chants, the rhythmic back-and-forths, and the anchoring drums – they connect us to our roots, much like how the foundational cumbias and bullerengues once united entire villages.”

    Totó la Momposina, a significant influence on the EP, isn’t just another artist for Moretti. Her voice is her instrument, and it’s one that connects, asserts, and heals. Moretti’s intent to pay tribute to such a powerful figure becomes clear. “I wanted to honor the kind of wise woman that compels everyone to pause and listen. These are the matriarchs who fuel my passion for music and drive me to share their legacy with the world.”

    As we await the full release of “TAMBOR” the EP, it’s evident that it won’t be just another collection of tracks. It promises to be a journey – a bridge between the past and the present, between ancestral roots and modern beats. A testament to the enduring power of music to connect, heal, and inspire across generations.


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