RANKZ Makes Waves with “Can’t Escape” EP on Subcarbon Records

    There’s a certain thrill to witnessing the rise of an artist, especially one as audacious as RANKZ. In recent times, the bass music sphere has been abuzz with his name, and for all the right reasons. Fresh from Subcarbon Records is RANKZ’s latest bass manifesto, the “Can’t Escape” EP. This follows closely on the heels of his other offerings – the single “Alien Technology” from July, and the ‘BURN’ EP from June. But what’s clear is that “Can’t Escape” isn’t merely another addition to his growing discography; it’s a powerful statement of intent.

    The opening salvo, the titular “Can’t Escape”, is co-produced alongside BRAINWAVEZ. From the outset, it sets an atmosphere of suspense, encapsulating the listener in an embrace of anticipation. And then, just when you think you have a grip on it, the powerful bass drop hits, leaving a lasting resonance. The inclusion of rhythmic percussive beats further sets the tempo for what proves to be an electrifying aural journey.

    Things ratchet up with “WTF Is Up”. At just under 2 minutes, this track might be brief, but it’s brimming with audacity. It’s unmistakably RANKZ, bearing deep bass lines that throb and echo with vigor.

    RANKZ reveals the dual essence of the EP, explaining, “This EP carries a dual message. It symbolizes the struggle to challenge societal norms within our current simulation, while also serving as a reminder of life’s brevity.” Indeed, “Oblivion”, the next track, takes this theme and paints a vast, interstellar soundscape. It’s a journey through the cosmos, between the realms of the known and unknown.

    The concluding track, “OMG”, is pure RANKZ in character. A melange of beats and bass, it showcases his signature nuances to perfection, promising to be both a challenge and delight for bass enthusiasts.

    There’s no denying RANKZ’s meteoric rise in the bass realm. With every release, he cements his position, pushing boundaries and daringly experimenting with sound. “Can’t Escape” is a testament to his evolving soundscapes and is undeniably a harbinger of what’s to come. As we edge closer to 2024, the anticipation is palpable. RANKZ is here to stay, and bass music will never be the same again.


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