‘Something Special’ this way comes from Miss DRE


    DJ, producer and vocalist MISS DRE has once again displayed her immense talent with an ambient experience that will be enjoyed by House and Techno lovers alike. ‘Something Special’ is jam-packed with intensity and unpredictability from start to finish. 
    Without hesitation MISS DRE introduces thumping kicks with open hi-hats on the off-beat and wobbling woodblock percussion. The beat builds towards a booming bassline engulfed in distortion and join by snappy snares as well as a vibrant vocal sample. Additionally, a deep male voice flooded in reverb saying “something special” in a sinister tone adds to the dark atmosphere which DRE cleverly creates and continually builds on. 
    Experiencing success as a singer and a DJ is not new to the San Francesco based artist but acclaim in producing has been continually on the rise in the past year or two, with her last track ‘Technocality’ amassing over 100k streams on Spotify alone. ‘Something Special’ is an extremely strong way to start her 2022 discography and will undoubtedly contribute to her continuing momentum. 


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