Truth x Lies Returns To Hau5trap With Latin House Single, “Esta Vaina”

    The electrifying musical duo, Truth x Lies, is back in action, setting the dancefloors ablaze with their latest sonic masterpiece, “Esta Vaina.” Following their tremendous success with previous releases like the remix of Afrojack’s “Polkadots” and the collaboration with CID on “Caroline,” Truth x Lies continues to reign supreme in the tech-house realm. Now, with “Esta Vaina,” they dive into a world of Latin house textures and an irresistible bassline, solidifying their position as an unstoppable force in the music industry. As the duo embarks on a monumental fall tour across North America, their infectious rhythms, pulsating basslines, and captivating vocals are sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide.

    “Esta Vaina” captivates the senses from its very inception, offering a sensory feast of animated percussion, evocative string arrangements, and vibrant horn embellishments. Truth x Lies’ expert craftsmanship seamlessly blends Latin-flavored instrumental riffs with pulsating bass lines, creating an untamed passion that resonates deep within the soul. The transformation of meticulously refined vocals into ethereal synthesizer-like tones adds to the mesmerizing tapestry of sonic textures, pulling listeners into an enchanting journey.

    Ian Bertles and Ryan Howards, the masterminds behind Truth x Lies, have carved out an extraordinary reputation for their distinctive and captivating signature sound. “Esta Vaina” serves as yet another testament to their artistic prowess, destined to take center stage on festival mainstages and club dance floors around the world. As they gear up for their exhilarating fall tour, Truth x Lies are set to showcase their magnetic stage presence and unveil even more awe-inspiring productions.


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