Vermyllion & Agent O Drop Mega New EP, ‘Ultra Instinct’

    Chicago’s own Vermyllion and Agent O are back at it! Three years after their debut collab, “Fridge Raid,” these guys have cooked up something extra spicy: the Ultra Instinct EP. This ain’t your average dubstep—it’s a deep dive into the city’s underground bass scene.

    Vermyllion’s made a name for himself with his bangin’ bass tunes, catching the ear of big names like Alison Wonderland and Subtronics. Agent O, classically trained and loving it, brings a little UK grime to the table, meshing seamlessly with Vermyllion’s strong bass foundations.

    As Vermyllion says, they’ve put together an EP that’s a straight-up bass journey, built for massive sound systems. So, get ready to feel these tunes shake your core.

    The EP kicks off with “Salvage,” a track that packs a punch with hard-hitting rhythms and wild dubstep vibes. Then there’s “Burn,” a track full of fiery basslines and layered melodies, and “Bounce Back,” a perfect mix of Vermyllion’s bass and Agent O’s melodic genius.

    The crown jewel, though, is the EP’s namesake, “Ultra Instinct.” It’s a bass anthem that’ll leave you buzzing, combining mesmerizing melodies with bass that’ll rattle your bones. In short, it’s the perfect representation of what these guys are all about: pushing dubstep to the max.

    Ultra Instinct EP is out now via spicy bois. Give it a listen—you won’t regret it. Stream HERE.



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