yabe Put His Twist On The Two Fake Blondes’ ‘Crash’

    Out Of The Darkness is the debut album from none other than The Two Fake Blondes. The album really flexes their skillset and showcases what they are about in terms of genre and quality. The album was well-received and, for all intents and purposes, has the two of them driven to keep the spirit of what this album embraces ongoing.

    After working with Neon Feathers via Battle Cry and Deadman via “Song for When Ur Saddd,” it’s now time for yabe to have a turn. yabe takes the core elements of what “Crash,” is all about and adds a bit of a mellow flavor to it overall. The remix is steady but impactful, sharing a silky smooth house essence that reconstructs “Crash,” into something that’s both surprising and familiar all in the same go.

    The Two Fake Blondes is made up of members Hannah Mac and Petey Mac, a married couple who are also an electronic music group. They make up a rare find within the electronic music scene, but their energy is sweet and they very much seem meant to be. There music immortalizes this chapter of their life, their relationship set to run the course of this life and on to the next.

    “I really enjoyed getting to work on ‘Crash’. I started with taking bits of the keys from the original and shaping some cadences that started communicating with one another, then I built a deep house groove underneath the cadences. I was really pleased with how the bass turned out. One of the richest synths I’ve built to date and really fills out the bottom. Hannah’s voice was so fun to mix. Such a gifted singer!!! She rips it!”
    – yabé

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