Markos Papadatos

    Hairstylists that Rave: Meet Srap Shirinyan

      Armenian hairstylist and colorist Srap Shirinyan chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors and future plans. He is an art teacher, Armenian...

    Revues that Rave: Chippendales win two ‘Best of Las Vegas’ awards

    Chippendales are back for yet another victory lap. They won big at the "Best of Las Vegas" awards, earning two accolades. They were voted "Best...

    Restaurants that Rave: Sushi Vogue in Woodbury on Long Island

    Sushi Vogue in Woodbury is one of the greatest sushi restaurants on Long Island. Tommy Yeh serves as its executive chef. It is one of...

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