Sports that Rave: Ryan Lochte is a champion in and out of the pool

Four-time Olympian and world record holder Ryan Lochte chatted with Markos Papadatos about his latest projects and goals, which include being a part of the Global Swim Series (GSS) “Race the Legends” format, and his digital platform “Loch’d In Training.”
Joanfrances Boyle

Psychics that Rave: Joanfrances Boyle — The Scottish Seer

Raver Magazine's Markos Papadatos spotlights "The Scottish Seer" Joanfrances Boyle this week as a "Psychic that Raves."
Peter Marks

Psychics that Rave: Meet world-renowned astrologer Peter Marks

Raver Magazine's Markos Papadatos highlights world-renowned astrologer, psychic medium, radio host, and intuitive Peter Marks.
Enzo Zelocchi

Actors that Rave: Enzo Zelocchi is the CEO of A-Medicare, the next generation of...

Actor and filmmaker Enzo Zelocchi chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his new venture, A-Medicare cryptocurrency, which has a focus on the medical platform. He is on track to becoming the next generation of Jeff Bezos meets Elon Musk.
Conrad Louis

Fitness Trainers that Rave: An interview with social influencer Conrad Louis

Internationally recognized fitness professional, social influencer, and podcaster Conrad Louis chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors, the success of his "All That Glitters" podcast (with Hayley Paige Gutman), and how he has found his voice in adversity.
Adam Barabas

Adam Barabas shares his excitement for Las Vegas reopening

Las Vegas performer Adam Barabas ("Extravaganza — The Vegas Spectacular" and "Chippendales") shared his excitement for Las Vegas reopening a few days ago. Raver Magazine's Markos Papadatos has the scoop.
Billy Jeffrey

Las Vegas performer Billy Jeffrey is a man of many talents

Las Vegas performer Billy Jeffrey is a man of many talents. He is a TV personality, fitness professional, and a veteran Chippendales performer.
Christopher Devargas

Adam Barabas talks ‘Extravaganza’ and Chippendales 2021 ‘All-Star’ calendar

Walt Disney once said: "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Adam Barabas, who hails from Dubnica nad Váhom in Slovakia, is an individual that...

David Gharibyan charms on poignant ‘International Women’s Day’ video

Armenian-American actor, model, and social media personality David (Davit) Gharibyan premieres video in honor of "International Women's Day." Photo Credit: Edgar Melkonyan On filming and...

PR and Media professionals that rave: Meet Steven Cuoco

Esteemed public relations, media, and broadcasting vet Steven Cuoco chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his respected career in the industry and being an entertainment professional in the digital age.

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